Our Story

Founded by Andrew Noseda & Otway Group

Rooted in the natural landscape of the Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff Distillery is a perfect example of everything we love about craft. Andrew Noseda and his small team, create spirits that reflect in the beauty of their coastal town Queenscliff. We are committed to support sustainable practices and our local producers, using ethically sourced and often local ingredients to create a variety of complex spirits.

Natural Ingredients

We are inspired by the Bellarine Peninsula, using mostly ethically sourced, organic ingredients. For example, the strawberries used for our Strawberry Liqueur are grown in Wallington, the region of the Bellarine renown for strawberries. We hand zest our fruit and botanicals, hand bottle & label, making sure only the best product is put to market.

Our Distilling Process

Slow distillation combined with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients create a perfect blend of spirits. The distillation process is controlled tightly, using a copper still, made in Griffith NSW by Burns Welding, a well-known still manufacturer and gin producer. This ensures that we only capture the 'hearts" of each batch. It also allows for smooth delivery.


We are proactive in protecting the environment and working towards a more progressive, sustainable approach by using solar and wind generated energy at the production facilities. We hope our distilling to be off grid in the near future. Keep an eye on our website and socials for more update.


Our Gins can be purchased from all good bottle shops, including Dan Murphys, throughout Victoria and online. You can also find our gins at the Queenscliff Distillery Cellar Door, the Queenscliff Brewhouse, the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse and the Timboon Railway Shed Distillery. If you want to buy our Gin online, click below!