Strawberry Liqueur

Combining sweet strawberries from Wallington – the region of the Bellarine renown for strawberries – and cream lolly flavours. Queenscliff Distillery’s Strawberry liqueur is a delicious addition to your cocktails. ABV 22%

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A Berry Special Liqueur...

Strawberry Liqueur can be used in a lot of popular cocktails like the Strawberry Daiquiri, Thigh High, Milky Way and in many other delicious cocktails. You can also add a splash of strawberry liqueur to sparkling wine or club soda to refresh your palate. Or, you can use it as a sweetener in a seasonal sangria.

Primary Botanicals


Secondary Botanicals


Strawberry gum


Warmth of pepper berries, olive leaf


Instant hit of fruity pepper, closely followed by the refreshing fennel, balance of cinnamon and angelica, herbaceous basil.


Lingering warmth refreshing orange fennel, Mediterranean rosemary.

Suggested Mixer

Elderflower Tonic, Dry vermouth, Tom Collins cocktail


Cucumber, Olive